When It Pays to Do It Right!

From employee rights to discrimination laws and unemployment claims, human resources management is complex. Phoenix Payroll Solutions is your personal Human Resources support team and guide through the HR maze and gives you access to a dedicated Human Resources Management Team. Phoenix Payroll Solutions offers the following Human Resources Services:

  1. 1. Human Resources Consultations
  2. 2. EEOC, FLSA, ADA, FMLA compliance
  3. 3. Federal and State Employment Law
  4. 4. Record keeping Requirements
  5. 5. I-9 Compliance
  6. 6. Hiring and Termination
  7. 7. Disciplinary Practices
  8. 8. Unemployment Claims Processing
  9. 9. Employee Handbooks
  10. 10. Job Descriptions
  11. 11. Client Specific Policies
  12. 12. Manager Training
  13. 13. Drug Testing/Background Screening
  14. 14. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Phoenix Payroll Solutions is your professional outsourcing partner, offering a fully integrated HR solution.    Contact us today to let us show you how simple HR management can be.