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The ever growing deluge of both state and federal regulations that have a direct impact on businesses is staggering. One person, trying to deal with the demands of managing a business on a daily basis can be overwhelmed. Unfortunately, there is no way around the impact these thousands of laws and regulations have on you and your business.

These links are only a few of the most current and pertinent, for your convenience. We will be adding more as new laws and regulations take effect.

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Washington capital

U. S. Department of Operational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA)

U. S. Department of Labor – New and Small Businesses

The Employee’s Guide to the Family Medical Leave Act

Start a Business in 11 steps

National Council of Compensation Insurance (NCCI)

Business-Guides-by-Industry U. S. Department of Labor – Health Plans and Benefits, Cobra


Florida State Capital

State of Florida Regulated Industries Guide

How to Start a Business in Florida

SBA Business Resource

USF Safety Florida

Florida State Tax Obligations



Get Local Assistance

Market Research

SBA Freedom of Information Act

USF Safety Florida

Federal and Florida Labor Law Poster